Aya Y. Martinez “Personal Reflection” – Journal Entry #4

A good story is compelling on many fronts. Your interested in the topic and are intrigued by the main protagonists. I find that a story should be well researched and clearly explained. A good story succeeds in enthralling the audience with the narrative, an important event or entertaining character. A writer should do their best to paint a pictures that accurately expresses what they’re trying to tell the reader. If appropriate be funny. Make sure all the important characters are well written, so readers could relate to them more.

A story doesn’t always need to start at the beginning, but most people expect them to. What’s most important that the structure of your story make sense for the story your telling. If your not starting at the beginning its important to make that clear a some point. You wouldn’t want to lose your audience by confusing them. When it comes to language focus on the audience you most want to reach. How would the speak? What would they understand?

You probably can’t predict the language need for everyone, but aim for most. While, I don’t think Martinez would have wanted to limit her audience I do think her primary targets were, people with similar stories to her and people that are willing to listen. That said her language is largely universal. She may have learned “broken” English and Spanish, however, it doesn’t seem to have made her writing hard to read. She give examples with experience she had in her life. I think this is the most effective method when trying to get audience to see your viewpoint.

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  1. I like how you pointed out the audience, it is important to know what is going through their head when they read your story, or who how like what you are making. All good stories always should start out as “who do I want this to appeal to?”, similarly like science, you need to make initial observations before formulating a hypothesis.

    1. Yes, right? Like Jeff said, I love your point about knowing your audience better. Ultimately, they are the judge of your writing, and good writing starts from thinking about the audience, I think. But what about your identity as a writer? Would that also impact the way you use your language?

  2. I agree with your point on writing structures; diverse styles can attract the audience when done correctly. Writing styles say a lot about the writer and it’s interesting to see how everyone has different approaches. I also agree with your point on focusing on who the intended audience is because you want to make your piece as relatable as possible.

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