Academia, Love Me Back – Journal Entry #2

The message of Tiffany Martinez’s, Academia Love Me Back, is that “bias, stereotypes and  generalizations,” cause pain to the marginalized. Tiffany is constantly having to “swallow pain” after having to deal with various slights that come her way. She has to minimize her emotions so that she can function as a student. This consistent disrespect has undermined Tiffany’s confidence in herself. She often questions if she’s good enough.

Tiffany didn’t feel that she belonged in the learning environments she was apart of. One particular humiliation stood out to her. Her professor returned her paper and in front of the class claimed that Tiffany wasn’t using her “language.” Of course the assumption her was that because of who she is, Tiffany was incapable of producing the quality of work she presented.

In Arguments Based on Emotion, by Lunsford, Ruszkiewicz, and Walters, they talk about the power of “emotional appeals.” Tiffany’s blog post is filled with emotion. Hurt by unfair treatment she is angry. She uses her anger to impart on the audience the negative effect of having her abilities be doubted all the time. She’s aware that the audience may not share her pain or understand. However, she will use her emotion to fuel her as she advocates for change.


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  1. Emotion appeal is important part in “Academia, Love Me Back”. She used the emotion to influence other people. She shared her angry and sadness with the readers by emotional appeal. She also wants to change. “Academia needs work” showed her final emotion.

  2. I like how you used the example of her being embarrassed by her professor, it only adds the whole emotion of the whole reading. And the clam feeling she conveys in her writing really conveys her thought process, in many cases people who rage and uncontrollably write often will be seen as the enemy. Much like in debating those who get way too caught up in the evidence will lose the flow and often the backing of the listeners. Great response.

  3. I absolutely agree with Jeff! Your post is so on point, Jerrell. I particularly find it really interesting that you looked at how she transformed her emotion into a seed for change. So maybe we should write more about what we are emotionally tied to?

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